The Perfect Surprise Proposal

May 19, 2019

Looking for inspiration on how to propose to your significant other in a manner that surprises them? or just simply in your feels and wanting to read about a heart-warming proposal story?

We hear you, we feel you, and we got you!


Exactly one year ago, on May 19th of 2018, Parham made the best and most thrilling decision he has ever come to make: asking his then-girlfriend, Sahar, to marry him.

Fun fact: May 19, 2018, is also the day Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their famous royal wedding!

But that’s beside the point.

We were ecstatic when he booked us to capture his proposal! There is no greater excitement than to be in on a secretive yet sweet scheme.

His plan consisted of telling Sahar how their friend Katy had invited them for dinner on May 19th. However, there was no dinner to attend. Instead, Parham would use Katy’s gorgeous, private ranch to be where he proposed to Sahar.

When the day came, and they arrived at their friend’s intimate ranch, they noticed a stunningly decorated canopy in the middle of the backyard. Now, we know that this canopy was set up by Parham for the proposal. But Sahar thought that it was a decoration for Katy’s dinner. Thus, it took a while for Parham to convince Sahar to take a selfie in front of the canopy before dinner. Thankfully, he was successful.

Little did Sahar know, Parham was not the only one snapping pictures of the two of them. We had set up shop across the canopy to document every moment of their proposal.

This was when everyone was thinking, “it’s happening!”. With her hand in his, Parham got the ball rolling by telling her the sweetest things.

Hmmm, we wonder what he could be getting from his suit. An engagement ring, maybe?


Sahar’s wide smile is enough to describe the joy that came to her when Parham asked for her marriage. Safe to say, Parham did everything right with this proposal!

When he pops the question, make sure to kiss your fiancé and then admire your ring. In that exact same order. It’s a golden rule to express your love to the person you will share your life with; it’s a given right to take in the beauty that is now on your finger. You got to do what you got to do!

When you book us, Dream Photo & Video, for your proposal, we take care of your engagement photos, so you do not have to purchase yet another photoshoot!

As soon as Sahar cheerfully exclaimed “yes!”,  their family rushed out to congratulate the newly-engaged couple. Every family member had the biggest smile and the loudest clap.

A surprise proposal results in a gorgeous photoshoot of the newly-engaged couple! With them being a match made in heaven, it is no surprise that their photos came out heavenly!


In honor of it being the one year anniversary of their engagement, we celebrate the beauty and happiness Sahar, and Parham’s love story exemplifies.

As these two make their way towards their wedding day (June 19th), we cherish the story of how their engagement came to be and are forever grateful to have been able to capture it. Most importantly, we send them all our love and joy for this next chapter in their lives!

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