An Intimate Elopement During Corona

August 9, 2020

Whether you want to wed in an intimate elopement or a big, fairytale wedding, the most important factor is you and your significant other staying true to themselves.

But, I admit, it’s a little hard to do that in the midst of a global pandemic; Honestly, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say the Coronavirus took us ALL by surprise.

Consequently, many of our couples had to cancel/reschedule/postpone their weddings or elopements.

However, luckily for Katie and RJ, they managed to work around the pandemic and plan the PERFECT elopement; they kept their guests’ wellbeing in mind throughout and stayed true to what they wanted to do from the start:

“We knew we would not have a huge wedding – it wasn’t our personalities! We wanted a private elopement with JUST US. A special and private ceremony where we can have this alone. Everything we do involves family and kids, and we thought it should be okay for us to do it alone.” Katie 

Planning their Elopement

Initially, our couple was planning on eloping in May of 2020 during a trip to Vegas with their family and close friends. Unfortunately, when Corona emerged, their Vegas trip was postponed until October. Thus, they had to settle with waiting until then to tie the knot. However, the minute Katie and RJ heard on the news that the county clerk was open for marriage licenses, they decided to elope ASAP!!

Evidently, they couldn’t wait to say “I Do” and become husband and wife.

“In less than three weeks, I have planned an intimate wedding for us that will have 8 of our immediate family members and our three kids. We will stream the wedding via Zoom so the extended family and friends can see! ” 

Their Elopement

Katie and RJ’s beautiful, intimate, and corona-friendly elopement took place in The Oak Atelier in The Woodlands, Texas.

Getting Ready & Details

Wedding ring

Beautiful bridal details worn by the bride on the day of her elopement

Bridal portrait on the day of her elopement

Groom's all black tuxedo

Groom portrait on the day of his elopement

The Ceremony

Groom kissing the bride during their intimate elopement

Our Bride & Groom

Portrait of the bride and groom on the day of their elopement

First dance between the bride and the groom

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake on the day of their elopement

Family Portraits

RJ has twins from his previous relationship. Having dated for about a year, we decided it was time to meet the kids! I fell in love right away with them. I met the twins right around their 2nd birthday. A few months later, RJ and I were pleasantly surprised and shocked to find out I was pregnant! We devoted 100% of ourselves to preparing to blend our families and gave birth to a baby boy in June 2018!”

Family portrait of the bride, groom, and their daughter

Family portrait of the bride, groom, and their children on the day of their elopement

Nothing can come between true love… not even a pandemic!

Whether planning to have a big wedding or a small elopement like this one, the best part of your day will always be getting to marry the love of your life.

“We are best friends, and we do anything, and everything for each other – whatever he dreams of doing or I dream of doing, we make it happen for each other.”

We would like to document your special day!! Whether you are planning a BIG wedding, a small and intimate wedding, an elopement, or even a destination wedding, contact us at We will be happy to give you more information and answer all your questions.

Venue: The Oak Atelier
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Janelle Christine