10 Tips on What to Wear on Your Engagement Shoot

May 20, 2020

Stuck on not knowing what to wear for your upcoming engagement photoshoot?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

We put together a list of the top 10 most IMPORTANT things you must remember to keep in mind when planning your engagement photoshoot looks!

1. Wear what makes you feel comfortable

It is so incredibly important not to wear any clothes that are unlike your style or personality or are uncomfortable.

Remember- this photoshoot is meant to capture the love between you and your fiancé! Wearing clothes that do not match your personality will just result in you looking awkward and far too overdone.

Make sure you look like yourselves but at your very best!

2. Put together two outfits

For our engagement photoshoots, we typically have our couples prepare two outfits for their photoshoot! That way, we do not lose crucial time during wardrobe changes.

Most importantly, it helps you value your photo shoot as a celebration of your engagement and not as an impromptu fashion shoot 🙂

3. Compliment your body

During your engagement shoot, we want you to feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE with yourself, as well as with your partner.

Make sure to choose outfits that make you feel 100% confident and at your best!

4. Get your hair and makeup done

We always HIGHLY recommend getting your hair and makeup PROFESSIONALLY done! By doing so, you ensure that you do not make any amateur mistakes with the final touches to your engagement session look!

On top of that, getting your hair and makeup done by a professional takes away the stress of having to do it by yourself on the day of your photoshoot.

Of course, if you are opting towards a more natural look and/or have years of makeup and hair experience on you, this step is completely optional!

5. Dress appropriately for your engagement shoot’s location

When you are deciding which two outfits to wear for your engagement session, keep in mind the location, it is going to be shot at!

If it’s in the city, you may want to put together outfits that will have you stand out in the urban setting.

If it’s out in a rural part of town, you can definitely rock some more casual pieces that rightfully complement the natural setting of your photos!

6. Coordinate with your fiancé!

Note: coordinate DOES NOT mean match!

Coordinating outfits should not entail you and your partner wearing the same outfit.

This means going off of a color theme or type of outfit (casual or fancy) or complimenting each other’s appearance with a similar accessory.

Though you and your fiancé must plan distinguishable outfits, they must go well with each other to make sure you guys look as perfect as you are!

7. A pop of color

A pop of color is always a very nice aspect to include in your outfit choices for your engagement shoot! It always makes you stand out more in your photos which is so important!

Also, it has you avoid blending into the background and adds a very special detail that is super pleasing to the eyes 🙂

8. Consider the season

Is your engagement shoot in the spring? summer? fall? winter?

Whatever season it may be, make sure you and your fiancé dress accordingly!

Don’t wear a cute, classic winter outfit if your engagement shoot was done in 90 degree summer weather.

9. Accessorize

It pretty much goes without saying…

In an engagement photo shoot, the most IMPORTANT accessory is your engagement ring.

However, adding little pieces of accessories that compliment both you and your outfit ties your look together; consider accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets!

Note: make sure to avoid wearing rings on your fingers to draw the most attention to your engagement ring!

10. Look at inspiration photos

Still, stumped on what to wear?

Nowadays, you can easily go through many engagement shoots on your photographer’s Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

By looking up the hashtag #engagementshoot or #engagementphotoshoot, you can look at engagement sessions from all types of couples, from every season, and any type of setting to inspire you on what to choose for YOUR engagement shoot!

Your engagement photos are ones that you will hold onto for the rest of your lives; you will show your kids, they will show their kids, and those pictures will be shared as a family heirloom throughout the future generations.

When deciding what to wear for your engagement photoshoot, make sure to choose outfits that make you feel like you, look like you, and feel comfortable in your own skin whilst beside your fiancé!